Model Sxchool, Limerick, Primary School

This section contains policies most relevant to Parents/Guardians and Students in the Model School.

April 2020Policies are currently being reviewed and once updated Irish and English versions will be available for download.

An Mhodhscoil Polasaithe/Policies

Updated August 27th 2021



– Covid-19 Re-opening Policy & COVID Response Plan 

Code of Behaviour 

– Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Health & Safety Policy & Risk Assessment


Introductory Statement, Rationale, Vision, Mission, Aims pg. 2

Pastoral Care Statement pg. 6

Child Protection Policy pg. 7

Procedures for reporting allegations/suspicions of child abuse pg. 9

Critical Incident Management Plan pg.12

Funeral Arrangements pg.14

Custody/Separation Policy pg.15

Relationships and Sexuality Education pg.16

Equality Policy pg.19

Social Media Policy

Special Needs/Learning Support Policy pg.20

Polasaí Gaeilge na Modhscoile pg.24

Religious Education Policy pg.26

Anti-Bullying Policy pg.31

Substance Use Policy pg.35

Rewards & Sanctions pg.36

Parent -Teacher Communication pg.39

Attendance Policy/ Rolla pg.41

Retention Policy pg.43

Customs and Practices pg.44

Admissions pg.47

Use of ICT Resources pg.50

Data Protection pg.51

School Uniform pg.53

Homework Policy pg.54

Complaints Procedure pg.56

Staff Meetings pg.58

Inservice/Course/Staff Meeting Days Policy pg.59

The Administration of Medicines pg.63

Healthy Lunch Policy pg.65

Exit and Entry Routines pg.67

Classroom / Yard Supervision pg.69

Ráitis na Modhscoile maidir le Cumhach Leanaí

Child Safeguarding Statement

Appendix 1A Letter of consent for use of medication
Appendix 1B Letter of consent for use of inhalers
Appendix 2A Reasons for decision to retain pupil form
Appendix 2B Parent consent letter to retention of pupil